1. The Contractor will carry out and complete the following work(s) using reasonable skill and care at either the address of the customer or at the works location address. The customer must, at all reasonable times or as agreed, allow access to the work area, until either a works completion certificate is issued or the works are terminated in accordance with clause 19 or 20.

2. The documents that identify, describe, detail or design this work and on which this price is exclusively based, are all listed in the contractor’s offer. The Contractor accepts no responsibility for any drawing, design or specification etc., not prepared by him.

3. The Contractor / Customer (Defaults to the Contractor if un-amended) is responsible for getting any necessary Local Authority approvals, liaising with supply / statutory authorities, arranging inspections and testing, organising and paying all fees, charges or disbursements not identified in clause 2 of this agreement. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to notify any third parties who may have an interest in the property.

4. The work will be undertaken as expeditiously as possible. Working Hours (unless otherwise agreed beforehand) will be Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 5.00 p.m. Work not previously priced will first be charged at Daywork rates (see Clause 14). ‘Out of hours’ work will incur additional premium charges at the following rates: Weekends and nights, at the standard Daywork rates (i.e. double time applies), Bank holidays, Easter (4 days), Christmas (23rd December to 3rd January), Double Daywork Rates (i.e. Triple time applies).

5. The price of this contract is detailed in the contractor’s Quotation (attached hereto), and is subject to these terms and conditions. If for any reason there is no quoted price, then the Contractor shall be entitled to a reasonable sum based on the Daywork rates mentioned above.


(a) The contract price excludes V.A.T. which will be added to the bill, at the rate prevailing, at the time of invoice.
(b) This price does not include for any item not specifically identified in the contractor’s quotation, or that could not reasonably be inferred as being necessary to complete the works.
(c) The customer is aware that the final bill may change from the contract price (see Clauses 4, 13 and 14).
(d) A deposit of one quarter (25%) of the contract price is required with order. This is refundable if the customer exerts his/her rights under clause 8, of the agreement (see Clause 8 – The Cancellation of Contracts).
(e) For works where completion is expected within four consecutive weeks, the final balance will become due seven (7) days following the dispatch date of the invoice.
(f) Invoices for works exceeding four consecutive weeks, will be issued on a four weekly basis and become due seven (7) days following the dispatch date of the invoice.

7. Recovery of Overdue Amounts

The customer will pay interest and compensation on any overdue amount at the level and rate set by The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act but with a 50% discount.

8. Right to Cancel – The Consumer Contracts (‘Cancellation’ and additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

(a) The customer has the statutory right to cancel this agreement within 14 days of signing the contract. He will not then be charged for any goods, services or credit agreements entered into that relate to this contract. The cancellation must be in writing and comply with this clause.
(b) The contractor is not required to perform the contract until the 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period has passed, except when the customer issues an instruction in accordance with the ‘Instruction to start work during the Right to Cancel Period’ as the form attached – Schedule 1.
(c) The customer may use the ‘Cancellation form’ – Schedule 2, to cancel the contract any time within the 14-day period. It is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. The cancellation notice must quote the contract reference number that appears at the head of this agreement and be sent to the person identified on page one.
(d) The notice of cancellation must be delivered by hand, posted by first class post, or emailed. There are no obligations to ensure that it is received. The contractor asks the customer, should he wish to cancel, to telephone the contractor to confirm his intentions.
(e) If the customer cancels this contract during the cooling-off period, then save for where the form Schedule 1 has been employed, the contractor will refund any money paid in connection with the contract. Where cancellation occurs within the 14 day period but after form Schedule 1 has been employed, the refund will be in accordance with clause 8 (f).
(f) The customer will pay, to the date of cancellation, all costs of goods and services delivered and/or rendered to that date. The contractor may, at his sole discretion, refund the customer the contractor’s purchase cost of recovered stock. All costs to be calculated by reference to Clause 14 Daywork. The contractor agrees to act in ‘good faith’ during the period following the cancellation.
(g) Cancellation of this contract, under this clause, will also cancel any related credit agreement.

9. PROPERTY INSURANCE: The customer will advise his own building and contents insurer of the nature and extent of the works and any supplementary details the insurer or any third party may require.

10. The customer is responsible for liaising with local residents or the general public who may be affected by the works. The contractor will co-operate with all agencies and local authorities acting at the Customer’s request.

11. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove and / or protect all furniture, fixtures and fittings likely to be affected by the contractor’s work. The customer will ensure that no item, goods or materials of value, either sentimental or financial, are left on the premises during the period of the works. The customer must appreciate that dust, vibration and noise will accompany the works.

12. The customer will provide the necessary facilities of power, water and toilets, with sufficient space to allow the contractor to economically perform both his work and the resultant employee cleaning operations. The Contractor may make alternative toilet arrangements at his sole discretion.

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